• Malibu Addiction Treatment

    Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center offers its clients one of the highest client to staff ratio’s available.  We offer totally individualized programs that deal with conquering addiction for each client specifically tailored to their needs.  Our focus is on helping clients to develop a new, healthy lifestyle to ensure long term sobriety.  We work with clients more »

  • What We Offer

    Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center offers a structured environment that provides our clients with the best opportunity to build a solid foundation for their recovery.  Our skilled team of therapists along with our licensed affiliated psychiatrists and medical doctors work together to design a specific program that meets the needs of each client.  Clients at more »

  • Family Involvement

    At Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center we provide individualized evidence based recovery programs designed to address a client’s current life circumstances and specific underlying problems and issues.  While the first and most critical step is to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol we also know that there are many reasons why people become addicts and more »