Is Addiction Inherited?

Is Addiction Inherited?

Some scientists suggest that our genetics are essentially the predictor of our future, particularly when it comes to addiction. They tend to lock us rather securely into our physical heritage through heredity.  So when it comes to addiction, these scientists tell us that if we have one parent who is an alcoholic or drug addict, we have a fifty percent chance of inheriting the same disease. If both our parents are addicts, we have a ninety percent chance of becoming similarly addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

Many who accept the premise of genetic heredity often try to change or delay its impact when it comes to such obvious life threatening maladies such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and COPD. They exercise, lose weight, eat healthier and pay close attention to the advice and warnings they receive from their doctors and other health specialists. Few, however, who live in the danger zone of addiction, follow the same protocol.

In fact, too many people biologically targeted by addiction even know or understand the warning signs of alcoholism or drug abuse. Instead they live blithely in denial until they begin to teeter on the edge of disaster or are already in its clutches. Even then, through some illogical mental quirks like pride, shame, ignorance and fear,many still believe they can handle things on their own and refuse to reach out for help.

Alcoholism is a three-fold disease. It affects one physically, mentally and spiritually. An alcoholic is constantly walking around with a drink on his mind. It’s called a mental obsession. Then once he or she picks up a drink, a physical compulsion takes over and they can’t stop. They become powerless over booze.

One drink is too many and a thousand aren’t enough.  As an addict slides deeper and deeper into addiction and become willing to do almost anything for another drink, they become spiritually bankrupt. While addiction can be a disastrous family inheritance, the miracle of recovery can overcome the power of our genes and give us the greatest gift anyone could possibly receive – sobriety – and it’s offered to anyone who truly wants it.