Debbie Cohen, M.A.,
Marriage & Family Therapist

Debbie-10_9_14Debbie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion and life experience to her clients.  Her warmth and creative spirit are essential to creating a caring and collaborative place where her clients can meet  their life’s challenges.

Debbie’s special passion is working with children and families with special needs.  “It is hard for other parents to understand the daily struggles of families with a child who has a special need or chronic illness.”  As a mother of a child with what she likes to call “super-powers” she has a unique understanding of not just the struggles but also the wonders of each day.

As an art therapist, Debbie uses art with both children and adults.  “Art Therapy is wonderful at lessening depression, anxiety, and helping people to work through a myriad of conflicts.”   There is no need for art skills, just a willingness to walk down roads less traveled.