Edie Moses, MFTI

Do you find it difficult to connect? Are your relationships suffering? Have you noticed that your children are lonely and struggling with friendships? Do you wonder if a trauma memory or difficult emotion is holding you back in life? I believe that in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship combined with creativity, people can find meaningful connection in the their lives, whether that means stronger relationships with their partners, children, and friends or strengthening the connection to the self. I am a registered associate MFT and a Clinical Art Therapist. I have treated Veterans, homeless youth, children, adolescents, and families. I have experience and specific training with addiction, grief and trauma.  I am a first generation American with a complicated family dynamic. As a child, I discovered that art making helps release confusing and difficult emotions and offers a way to understand the self, especially during major life transitions such as adolescence, marriage, divorce, aging. I offer creative interventions to help open channels of communication in the therapeutic process that may never otherwise surface. You do not need any background in art to participate. With a psychodynamic and humanistic lens, I combine art making techniques and materials so that together we can explore your unique life path, and discover what emotions and feelings need to be expressed in order find the answers and build connection. There is an opportunity to grow and heal and I welcome you.