Vanessa Koeritz, M.A.,
Registered Marriage and Family
Therapist Intern

Vanessa_10_9_14As a child, Vanessa always saw things differently.  She was often described as an “old soul” because of her wonderful gift in seeing the differences between people as beautiful.  Vanessa celebrates individuality in all people and believes that it through our unique-ness that we can create a life worth living.

As a therapist, Vanessa is direct and honest. But her desire to tell the truth is tempered by her empathetic and caring nature.  She often adds humor to her therapeutic approach that helps create a comfortable rapport.  A result her clients overcome their challenges by discovering their strengths.

Alongside her passion for therapy is an equal passion for animals. Throughout her life, animals have unconditionally provided the love she needed to conquer her own life challenges.  Today, her yellow lab Duke is her teammate in helping others to find their potential.  Fortunately Duke is always willing to provide a warm paw or a hug when the journey gets tough.