My way of food has been invited into Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center. Cooking as part of healing. The kitchen looks out onto the Pacific Ocean. Location as part of cooking. I was hired after a 90-minute initial interview where the conversation of food took up maybe 15. We spent most of the time discussing not my approach to food, which is well documented, but my approach to people…in general, and also in need, relative to the reasons people come here in the first place…or perhaps it is the last place. A lot of things had to happen first for someone to choose to wind up on our shore. As a lot of things have happened in my life before I chose wind up here, I can relate. Empathy as part of process. It is that which I feed into, with food that is nurturing, sustaining, and healing. It is that I feed into with technique that shifts, re-frames, and provides connection, to self and source. It is that I feed into with dishes that let those I serve be seen; not as who they have been told they are, but by the inherent worthiness of their being. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth.” Muhammad Ali wrote that, and I have spent my life in kitchens living that.  Nurturing your spirit/soul as well as your body, I see you, and welcome you to our table.