At Oceanside Malibu we provide individualized evidence based recovery programs designed to address a client’s current life circumstances and specific underlying problems and issues. While the first and most critical step is to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol we also know that there are many reasons why people become addicts and alcoholics. Our team of treatment professionals work to properly access each client so they can begin the healing process and gain the tools they need in order to replace their old destructive methods of dulling their pain.

In addition to having a strong 12 step program, we focus more intensely than other treatment programs in working with each client’s family to provide them with the therapy and education they will need to support each client when they return home. We know that addiction is an illness that effects family, friends and professional associates so we work throughout each clients stay to educate those closest to them about the disease of addiction.

We help clients to find a passion and purpose in life while leading a life of honesty, integrity, following through with commitments and service to others. We teach clients how to forgive themselves and others and form healthy, appropriate relationships. Here at Oceanside Malibu we guide you every step of the way during the first difficult year of sobriety as you begin your new life. Our highly skilled staff is constantly working with clients with the latest cutting edge, clinically based treatment modalities.

Oceanside Malibu’s team of addiction professionals is known for providing an unparalleled addiction treatment program that has enabled many “hopeless” cases to finally achieve long term sobriety. We are proud to say that numerous treatment centers across the country have referred their most difficult clients to Oceanside Malibu knowing our outstanding reputation for achieving therapeutic breakthroughs and long term behavioral change with previously unsuccessful dual diagnosed clients. Oceanside Malibu is respected world wide for being a pioneer of providing truly compassionate family systems model of treatment.