Methamphetamine Withdrawal

While the physical symptoms of methamphetamine withdrawal are not as bad as the symptoms associated with quitting other types of drugs, it’s not fun either. Although methamphetamine is not usually considered a strongly physically addictive drug, common withdrawal symptoms may still include restlessness, fatigue, irregular sleep schedule, and hunger.

One may have some intense psychological withdrawal symptoms when coming off methamphetamine. In fact, it is such symptoms that make quitting methamphetamine more difficult than you might think. The severity of symptoms will depend on factors such as how long you were using meth, how much you used every day and whether or not you have any medical conditions.

Following your last dose of methamphetamine, the substance usually passes through your system in around two days or so. One thing methamphetamine does is raise dopamine levels in the brain, which makes you experience a pleasurable a feeling. At the same time, the drug destroys dopamine receptors in the brain. Coming off of stimulant drugs can make some users feel depression and occasionally experience a condition called anhedonia. This is a condition in which someone cannot feel pleasure at all. Other withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, and nightmares.

Experts state that the best way to stop using drugs is to enter a detox center, as such a center can provide a great deal of support as you go through withdrawal. A detox center can also evaluate the need for medicine if necessary, for other medical conditions. It will take a few weeks or months before the chemistry of the brain improves, but it is possible to make a full recovery.

Along with detox, it is suggested that you seek supportive help from a counselor, an intensive outpatient program, and a 12 step program in order to fully recover from methamphetamine addiction and to stay clean. With support, a desire to stay clean and some work, a full recovery is certainly possible. If you’re ready to kick methamphetamine, contact a licensed & accredited treatment facility for help today.

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