Myloe Conklin, Resident Counselor

I am Myloe and I have been told that I’m a true sober miracle. Having grown up under the hardest of circumstances, I have the strength, determination and belief that if I can get sober and healthy anyone can.  I’m a valued family member at Oceanside as well as a client favorite. I’m going to school to become a Certified Counselor. I believe that with my personal struggle with addiction and now the knowledge of addiction studies, there isn’t anyone I can’t help. Some say I have a tough exterior, yet clients inform me that I’m one of the kindest, sweetest people that they have met in sobriety. I connect with clients and I show them that you don’t have to be hard and tough in sobriety, you can leave the street life behind and become a man of honesty and integrity. I do all I can to become the big brother and role model to our clients. I connect well with others in recovery making them feel safe and I talk with them always with dignity and respect. I show our clients that they are protected here at Oceanside and I teach them what to look for down the road in recovery. I have made my own way home to recovery, and I share it with all my heart. I believe that I’m living proof that whatever you have gone through in your life you can change, heal, and grow from it to become whatever you choose to be. I have learned how to give everyone a reason to believe they deserve to heal and become sober living a new life and not just existing.