There are many approaches available in addiction treatment and a holistic approach is the most well-rounded.  Inside the framework of whole person addiction treatment, the importance of good nutrition cannot be overlooked. Many physical complications of addiction can be due to the consequences of inadequate nutrition.

When drugs replace healthy, balanced eating and nutrition in a person’s diet, one becomes malnourished. Consuming little, if any, essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals can cause a person’s health to deteriorate quickly. Proteins, for instance, are building blocks in the body. People need proteins to maintain cells, tissues, blood and organs. An addict usually is lacking in these proteins, inhibiting the body’s ability to grow and thrive.

Essential vitamins and minerals play crucial roles in the body’s health, including cell maintenance, metabolism and wound healing. In drug addiction, the body experiences greater difficulty absorbing these important vitamins and normal body functions are then disrupted. Over time, addiction and inadequate nutrition wear away at the body decreasing its natural immunity to fight disease and serious health problems may develop like pancreatitis, neurological issues, cardiac complications, stomach ulcers and increased risk of cancer.

The human body is resilient and even those who have severely abused their bodies through drug abuse and resultant poor nutrition can show great progress towards healing and recovery with a nutritional approach. Seeking professional medical help should be the first step towards recovery and this necessitates an addiction treatment program that addresses nutritional deficiencies. Oceanside Malibu Treatment Center helps guide those recovering from addiction in finding the best diet for their recovery and healing. Just as poor nutrition can exasperate complications of chronic addiction, good nutrition can go a long way towards rebuilding health and reversing the damage before it becomes permanent.

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