What We Offer

Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center offers a structured environment that provides our clients with the best opportunity to build a solid foundation for their recovery.  Our skilled team of therapists along with our licensed affiliated psychiatrists and medical doctors work together to design a specific program that meets the needs of each client.  Clients at Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center are offered a variety of evidence based treatment modalities including:

• Counseling
• Individual psychotherapy
• Family systems therapy
• Relapse prevention education
• Cognitive-behavioral therapy
• Equine assisted therapy
• Art therapy
• Somatic therapy
• Fitness and nutritional counseling
• Anger management skills
• Yoga/meditation
• Stress management techniques
• Life coaching
• Social skills/conflict resolution
• Individual family systems education
• Spiritual development
• Neurofeedback
• Multigenerational transmission education

Clients at Oceanside Malibu Addiction Treatment Center also receive:

• High staff-to-client ratio in order for clients to experience personalized attention throughout the day
• Random drug testing and toxicology screenings
• In-house 12 step meetings
• Addiction education and counseling for families and friends of client during clients stay
• Assistance with judicial matters, including providing progress reports and necessary court appearances
• Alumni involvement
• Enforced confidentiality
• Assistance with finances and other overwhelming daily tasks
• Health-conscious environment, encouraging daily exercise and well-balanced, healthy eating habits