Signs You May Be An Empath

Signs You May Be An Empath Or Highly Sensitive Person

An Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) are people who deeply feel the emotions of those around them. Just as introverts, empaths are likely to feel overwhelmed by crowds and loud noises. They are also prone to feeling drained and completely exhausted to the point of fatigue. Although introverts and empaths share many traits, there are several characteristics that distinguish empaths.

An HSP is sensitive to many types of energies, and reacts emotionally to being over-stimulated. It’s not like you cry over spilt milk or anything, you just feel emotions – very deeply. If someone is telling you about an incredibly difficult time they went through, chances are you’ll be the one who starts tearing up. On the other hand, you’re quite susceptible to extreme mood swings, because you are so deeply affected by the emotions of others.

Empaths have a deep sense of knowing when it comes to understanding other people’s motives. You can usually tell if a person is lying or not being authentic. You are very observant of the subtle messages other people send through body language and facial expressions, so you can easily read people like a book.

Being an empath or HSP means that you simply can’t stand disagreement. In the face of conflict, you will either completely avoid the situation, or seek to resolve theissue immediately. Your motto is “there is always a way,” and thanks to your persistence, you usually find it. You’re also very sensitive to violence and aggression in the media. You are deeply affected by the news, television and movies. You may be moved to tears or even feel ill from watching violence on television.

Having a keen energy antenna not only leads you toward being an empath, but usually towards creativity, as well. Whether a painter, musician, mathematician, inventor, or social revolutionary, you feel inspiration from beyond, and this propels you to do things that move society forward;Things that most people don’t currently understand, and that seem to go against the grain.

Empaths tend to listen to a broad range of music genres. Your music preferences are usually influenced by your varying emotional states. However, you should be especially mindful of the messages in the music you listen to. You can be deeply affected by the lyrics in a song. Sometimes, an empath may be better off just listening to instrumental music.

HSP’s tend to connect deeply with animals, and they’re not going to be the people who tie their dogs up outside for hours on end. You likely have a pet or two at home, and you may feel the need to be outdoors often in order to neutralize negative emotions you take on from others. And since you can feel the pain of animals, eating meat just throws you off.  You may decide that it’s easier on your heart to simply go vegan.

People often go to empaths when they need to talk about something, and empaths are usually great listeners, but they’re not good at listening to a bunch of small talk. One second you’ll be listening to your friend telling you about her day at work, and the next you’ll be thinking about what someone said to you earlier, trying to decipher its meaning. If something is particularly boring or completely disconnected from emotion, you tend to drift off into your own little world.

Empaths may walk into a party or social event, and immediately feel the energy of the group. Whether it’s positive or negative. If you sense it as positive, you likely join in with the socializing. If you sense it as negative, you may just decide to leave.

An HSP, at heart, is a free spirit who finds rules and routines debilitating.  Spending eight hours a day in a cubicle?  No thanks! You get bored easily if you aren’t properly stimulated, and if you don’t find what you do for a living very interesting, you’re probably going to end up leaving your job sooner than expected. You like to feel free to express yourself in the world, in your own unique way, and you are often drawn to adventure, travel – and of course, freedom.

Empaths often attract people into their lives like magnets because of their gentle compassionate nature. But you pick up others’ emotional energies like a sponge, and this drains you. An empath may feel like others actually suck the energy out of them. As an HSP, you may just want to get away and be by yourself to reset your energy field and gain your sense of balance. Solo time also helps you feel inspired and creative. If you find you resonate with the information provided here, then you’re likely an HSP.  If so, take it as a good thing, a gifted and creative way of being.  Are YOU an empath?