Tammy Rompal, CADC II

I graduated valedictorian of my class at InterCoast College in 2008 and have advanced in my career to become a CADC II. My journey into a lifetime of sobriety started in November of 2004 and it has been a magical time in my life. It has given me the chance to finally have a relationship with my Mother and to be the mom and grandmother I was meant to be. I have a knack for reaching the unreachable. The reason I love working with detox clients, is detox is where the biggest impact happens, and clients need to know that we will love and care for them when they think no one else will. I keep things rigorously honest and real. I care about every client until they can care about themselves, and I’m also here for them no matter what. I love to go fishing and “geocaching”, (worldwide seek & find) in my spare time.