All the staff at Oceanside Malibu treatment center were amazing!  I had been through treatment so many times that I came in really cynical about treatment centers and my own chances at ever staying sober.  When I left I didn’t feel like I was leaving a treatment center but my second home and a family that I know I can always count on.  I have to admit I wasn’t always the best client and certainly tested the patience of the staff while I was there but they never gave up on me.  With as much time sober as I have now I realize that in those early days that the drugs were out of my system but all the old behavior was still there.  I had to learn how to tell the truth again, follow through with commitments, and forgive myself and others.  Oceanside basically taught me how to be a good person and learn to love myself again.  I will always be grateful for the faith they had in me and the fact they never gave up even when I did



I was a mess when I first came to Oceanside Malibu.  I had lost all my family and my friends and felt so alone and depressed that most days I didn’t see any reason to keep living.   Dave and the staff at Oceanside became my family and the people who helped me see my life was worth saving and that just maybe irreparable things could actually be fixed with time, action, and sobriety.  My family wouldn’t even pick up my phone calls but with Dave’s persistence they started speaking with him and eventually agreed to fly out and do family sessions.  The family sessions I have to say were grueling at times but there was more honesty from my parents and brothers than I ever imagined would be possible.  With Dave’s help I not only got sober but my whole family began to heal and deal with their own pain.  What is really incredible is that even after all this time not at Oceanside I know I can still pick up the phone and call Dave and he can help me through whatever I am struggling with and remind me that I can do this.  I know I can trust Dave because he will tell me good things about myself but then also will tell me when I am making bad choices and not thinking things through.  Early on I used to not listen to Dave and would get really upset when things would go down just the way he said they would.  When I went crawling back to him ashamed to admit my stubbornness and what happened I never got judgement only love and support.  Dave didn’t take some of my stupid behavior personally and get angry at me like my family used to.  He just really cares and wants me to have a great life.  I had to go through a lot of fake people in other treatment places that said they cared but then really didn’t.  Dave is the real deal- he’s in this because he is trying to save your life.



All the professionals I spoke to told me to give up on my daughter that she was hopeless.  Dave was the first person in a long time that gave me clear, direct advice and said there was hope.  He was honest and let me know it wouldn’t be an easy road- which it wasn’t- but that we could get through this.  The number of times I have called Dave needing his advice are too numerous to count.  I got so angry at my daughter sometimes that I took it out on Dave but he still never stopped caring for my family.  Dave became the bridge that let me find my way back to the daughter I once had.  I still worry sometimes as I think that is just what mom’s do but today my daughter is alive, sober, working, and becoming a person I can trust and count on again.  It has been a painful road at times but I thank God everyday that he brought Dave into our lives.  I really believe that my daughter wouldn’t be alive today if not for him.



I have the deepest admiration and gratitude for you and Dave. I think of both of you as heroes-not only for your line of work but because you are both role models. Whenever I get down I remind myself of all that I’m grateful for and you, Dave and Oceanside are high on my list. You guys have been such a miracle in my life. Your kindness has comforted me and breathes hope back into my life time and time again. S. G.



I really credit my sobriety to the two of you. You have done so much to make this possible for me. I hope I have the chance to return all of the favors to you that you have allowed for me. You spent countless hours one on one with me in your office coaching me, you just did anything and everything you could do to see that I got sober. I really do owe you my life. You have such a wonderful environment here and you guys put in so much work it is unbelievable. I didn’t know you guys owned another home until about two months into my stay because you guys were always here! There are no words that can really portray the love and admiration I have for you two. R.H.



You gave me my daughter back again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you. S.B.



I knew I could sleep at night again knowing my son was safe with you. I can’t believe the amount of time and energy you put into helping him. There is no other place like Oceanside and I certainly looked around for a long time before finding you. I really appreciate all the time you spend with him and with me on the phone helping guide me towards what is best for my son. I finally feel a sense of hope we will get our family back again. Thank you. T.L.



You are like family to me now. I finally learned how to let down all of my walls and just be real while staying at Oceanside. For the first time in my life I am starting to trust others and myself. I feel so blessed to know that I can always come back to visit and that both of you are just a phone call away anytime day or night. I’ve never met people like you that care so much and work so hard to help other people. I love you both and appreciate all you have done for me. A.G.


Thank You Oceanside
By Isabella Afanasieff

On September 5th I came to you
In need of better tools
Cause growing up
All I knew
Was how to break the rules.

I thought I could manipulate you
Like my parents
I’d get what I asked for
But I quickly learned that wouldn’t work
And I would have to change my behavior.

Through all my tantrums
And “I hate you alls”
You’ve taught me many things
Like how to finally calm myself down
And how to spread my wings.

I know I haven’t always been
The most pleasant person to be around
And I’m sorry for treating this lovely house
As if it was my battleground.

So thank you for never giving up on me
I know my decisions haven’t always been good
I promise to always respect myself
And be honest just like I should.